Dave Cook

Aside from writing comics and games, I also write non-fiction books about video games. This is where you can check out all of my current and past book projects.

Go Straight: The Ultimate Guide to Side-Scrolling Beat ’em ups

On sale now at the Bitmap Books store:

Published by Bitmap Books and released in February 2022, this 450-page hardback book is a chronological celebration of the side-scrolling beat ‘em up genre, from Kung Fu Master in 1984, right up to Streets of Rage 4 in 2020. The book includes features on over 210 games in the genre, as well as guest features by game journalist, Chris Scullion, YouTuber Sega Lord X, comic artist Steve Gregson.

The book is a celebration of the genre, including such games as Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and much, much more. Each feature includes making-of insights, helpful gameplay tips, cheat codes and glorious pixel art.