Say hello to Team Beats, our new independent comic label – now funding on Patreon!

Team Beats is a Patreon-funded, fully independent comic label run by me and my long-time artist friend Steve Gregson.

The label will see us working with colourists, letterers and other guest collaborators on a range of fun new comics that tap into the heart of retro culture – from classic video games, old-school movies and all the things that make us feel warm and nostalgic inside.

Our first weekly comic release as Team Beats will be BPM: Beatdowns Per Minute, which is our 140-page tribute to retro beat ’em up games and cheesy action movies, such as Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Double Dragon.

You can find out more, subscribe to our weekly comics, get bonus extras and much more over on our Patreon page.

The plot of BPM follows a pair of martial arts cops – Maya Wickburn and Rick Diavola – who fight to save Stone City from an evil criminal syndicate and ‘BPM,’ the dangerous new drug they’ve introduced to the streets. Along the way, they’ll rumble with street punks, ancient ninja orders, biker gangs and more baddies from beat ’em up history.

The series is being developed by:

  • Script/concept – Dave Cook
  • Art – Steve Gregson
  • Colours – Matt Herms
  • Letters – Rob Jones

As part of our Patreon, you can get all weekly pages of BPM straight to your inbox every Friday, along with bonus rewards and behind-the-scenes extras if you pledge at a higher tier.

Subscribers at all tiers will eventually start getting weekly pages of our second weekly comic, then our third and beyond – so you’ll never miss a page that Team Beats produces.